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So, here’s hoping the whole tree doesn’t have to go.


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Proper nouns

please capitalize them! That includes Pagan, Druid, Odinist, Santerians and Rastafarians. (Oddly, someone capitalized the last two in the picture caption, but not the actual article.)

Strange gigs: Tulare County residents embrace jobs others may find offbeat.

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I lost everything (including 25g of music that is going to be a BITCH to find and download again.) I had to get a new hard drive, and a new usb port strip, and the threw in a topper for the keyboard, too, since there was a little crack in it. All under warranty, thankfully. I don’t know what I would have done had it not been.

Now I’m wandering the interwebs searching for everything that I can reclaim. Personal pictures are pretty much out, except the ones on myspace, bme, and facebook. Most of my documents have been emailed to me by me or someone else. (It’s what you do when you don’t have a printer of your own.) Mostly, it’s the music I worry about. Some of the rare tracks aren’t easy to find, and well, that’s why they’re called RARE tracks. *sigh*

Hope you have it better, I wouldn’t want anyone to have it worse.

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Sometimes I joke about being asexual. And sometimes I wish it were true.

The prevalence of sexism in gaming being one reason.
And the fact that women writers sometimes STILL have to pull a Brontë.
And this bullshit spewed by One More Idiot Male.

Those are my reasons for wishing that today.

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