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Sometimes I joke about being asexual. And sometimes I wish it were true.

The prevalence of sexism in gaming being one reason.
And the fact that women writers sometimes STILL have to pull a Brontë.
And this bullshit spewed by One More Idiot Male.

Those are my reasons for wishing that today.


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because of this, but I think the article speaks for itself.

This whole debacle is why much of scientific research is only seen by peers. I don’t care if you want to see it. I know in America you have the right to, but the majority of laymen would not understand the data. Which is of course what happened when the emails were stolen and leaked online. If you freaked out about the “faking” of global warming I ask you, did you read the all emails personally? Did you understand all of the data? Could you recreate the research done? Can you understand the pressures behind the individual doubts? Or the fact that money backing specific research can skew results, such as that done by the American Petroleum Institute? (Remember the Tobacco Industry research on cancer? Just like that.) Or that grant money, for the best possible shot at unbiased statistics, can be fucking hard to get? I’m betting that unless you do some sort of scientific research yourself, or know those who do, you probably forgot those facts.

So, when the media, who loves to blow things out of proportion or take things out of context as we all know, tells you to believe something for their own gain (because they’re owned by Corporations, too,) take a minute. Think about it. Use that logical thought process (I hope) you were taught as a kid. Then, make up your own damn mind! And if you’re wrong, gracefully admit it. If you’re right, don’t gloat. It’s doesn’t do anyone any good.

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Reading the latest post at Pagan Godspell triggered something in me. Ruby Sara is correct in that we are a culture obsessed with naming. Everything must have it’s label and it’s place. But that doesn’t cut to the core of what something truly is. And that is the reason for this post.

Do you, dear reader, know the Name of Fire? Any single word cannot suffice, nor even a string of them. A clinical description of the chemical process of combustion would be too cold and unfeeling, if accurate as far as science is concerned. But that is not it’s Name.

Do you know the word for Tree? The all encompassing word that tells you it’s life, from seed and seedling, to strong trunk and branches, to fallen monarch rotting to feed the earth beneath? Do you Know? I feel it within me, my animal hindbrain says “Yes, but it is secret,” and there is no way to push it past my vocal chords. No way to tell of it.

I have no idea if anyone else feels words like I do. No, not really words, that’s not right. They are truly Names. There isn’t one for “computer,” or “phone,” or “money.” Nothing frivolous. There are Names for Life, and Freedom, and Family or Friend. There the Names of the individuals you know, and each animal or plant. And then there are the overall names of groups. Like Human. You know what it is to be Human, but there is no way to tell someone of it. There is the Name, though, that I feel and cannot say.

It is like taking the cycle of life of a species (or planet, or galaxy, etc) and showing it in a single utterance. Anything and everything that specific can be, or do is shown within that sound. That, dear readers, is the best way I can illustrate what a Name is. It is the core, the root, the heart, and every possible variation or example at once. The entirety.

Maybe this is what we are trying to find again with each name that we give something, each different language gets closer and further, never hitting upon the mark our sleeping mind has set for us. Perhaps we are speaking with the wrong voice…

Goodnight, and good ponderings.

(This is something which the book The Name of the Wind was based around, I think. The human urge to name what we Know and Feel, but cannot speak. It’s why I love the story so. Kvothe is much like me in his ravenous curiosity.)

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I know many of you are already having to keep things pretty tight this holiday season, but this is one organization that is close to my heart. I have had 4 miniature Bull Terriers so far. I love these dogs so very much. At this point in my life I can’t adopt one the cuties available. If I could, I would leap at the chance. But, I currently live in someone else’s home, so it is not an option.

One big donation fell through for BT Rescue that they were counting on. At this point they may get shut down by LA County. Anything helps, old blankets (not stuffed,) a box of treats, a bag of food, even as little as $10 can help one of the dogs. Your prayers would also be welcome, I’m sure.

Take a little time for our four-footed friends. They often get overlooked.

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