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Monist, panentheistic, polytheist.

That’s me, in a nutshell. It’s the best way I can describe my personal theology.

Monism: I believe in Godhead, or one source of Divinity.

Panentheist: I believe the Divine is in all things, but not necessarily all things are Divine.

These two tie in with physics. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It only changes form. That is Godhead to me. It is also in everything, runs everything.

And then, most simply, I’m a polytheist. But you have probably figured that out by now. Care to share your basic theology?


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Thanks, and all that

Family is here for Thanksgiving, and I’m glad. I, if you really want to know, don’t have much of a social life. I’m a very insular person. In a lot of ways, I don’t “need” other people. But my family and friends remind me to be human. So, I’m thankful they’re here to visit.

I’ve started a not quite Book of Shadows. I found this wonderful journal for it at B&N. It’s less recording ritual now than ancient prayers to the Goddess. (At this point, found translated primarily in the book When God was a Woman.) Ritual will come later, when I’ve found what feels right to me. Mostly, my rituals consist of libations or offerings at the base of Father Oak in the back yard.

For ritual, what I really want is my own altar set-up. Maybe come Yule I’ll have the basics. I’ve found a perfect box for use as an altar and storage of items, recently. Unfortunately I have to wait to buy it, hopefully that will be tomorrow. My Aunt gave me a dry offering bowl that she threw in ceramics class that is perfect for burning inscense. As far as the rest of the trappings go, Etsy has me wishing I had more job hours. There are some truly wonderful artisans on that site.

That’s enough wishing what I could be thankful for. Thanks to those who read this sporadic blog, and thanks to the Dieties for all the rest.

‘Night all.

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Apologies follow

I was on vacation, dear readers. A working vacation, if that makes any sense. Now I’m finding the rhythm of life online again. I hardly even checked my Facebook! And that is saying something for me.

I got to spend some time with my sisters, and a bunch with my little sis. She’s a wonderful, crazy, darling. Even when she makes me feel old, overprotective, and equally crazy. There was a tiny bit of family drama, which always makes me want to run off with pirates, especially when I’m caught up in the kind of drama that has nothing to do with me. You know the type. Where you just want to sit all parties down and say “This is not my business. I don’t want to have anything to do with whatever is going on. Leave me be, let me get on with my supposedly relaxing time away from home.” That sort of family drama.

The good bits were filled with working (since I love my job.) Going to Urban Ore and finding a new reagent bottle for my collection. Going out to a ranch and hauling wood for the wood firing, and then finding another bottle in the cow pasture. Sleeping on the couch with the Tony dog, or vegging out on TV and him using my lap as a self heating dog bed. Donuts and coffee from the best donut shop that FINALLY reopened. My aunt giving me a bowl she threw and fired, after it got graded, to use as an offering bowl. (Not glazed inside, so only for dry offerings.) Hanging out with my older sis, her wife, and Cupcake, and playing Rayman’s Raving Rabbids also known as the most ridiculous game ever. I was also cold most of the time, because I didn’t bring enough sweaters. I should know better by now, honestly.

I don’t have much to say about the current blogging climate since I didn’t check much until I got home, except that I concur with the outrage at the Stupak amendment getting passed, and the grief for the victims of Fort Hood. Never be afraid to fight, and always remember those we lost.

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